Neuromarketing Certification

Certification programs for 2019 are SOLD OUT.

The earliest availability is Q2 in 2020.


Every business is in the business of engagement

Dr. Matt Johnson (Neuroscientist for 10+ years) and Prince Ghuman (Marketer for 10+ years) combine their specialized backgrounds to create the 15Center Neuromarketing Certification program, a transformative 40-hour course covering the neuroscience of engagement. We provide attendees with an extensive understanding of biology-based consumer science and share how to ethically apply it to business.



The Neuromarketing Certification is a proven program developed by Dr. Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman based on their combined 20+ years in neuroscience and marketing including their own primary research. The program has been tested with attendees from over 50 countries.

The Neuromarketing Certification program is intense. We cover extensive ground in 8 hours and expect our attendees to be 110% committed to adding a neuroscientific layer to their marketing skillset.

Neuromarketing Certification programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are SOLD OUT. Next availability are starting Spring 2019.

Training The Next Generation of Engagers

Attendees will walk away with a firm grasp on the neuroscience behind behavior economics, decision science, emotions, senses, memory, habits, social psychology, dopamine, empathy, trust, and persuasion.

Specifically, the 40-hour bootcamp will show how to ethically apply these insights to improve communication, marketing, storytelling, sales, design, content, leadership, and decision-making.