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Every Eye Has a Blindspot

We live ours lives completely unaware of the biological blind spot located at ~15 degrees from the center of each eye. At 15Center, our mission is to combine neuroscience and marketing to uncover consumer blind spots and help brands better engage with their customers.

15Center is the brainchild of Matt Johnson PhD, an academic neuroscientist, and Prince Ghuman, a marketing professional. Now both business school professors, their collaborative mission is to provide business solutions using research-based neuroscientific principles.  


There is a reason why watch ads always show 10:10


We take neuroscientific concepts and apply them to business in a boot camp setting. We consult. We write. We speak.

Businesses are fundamentally human enterprises. Through collaborations, case studies, and primary research, we uncover the unexpected connections between neuroscience and business. Our goal is to equip organizations with a brain-based perspective of the customers through our boot camps.


A Neuroscientist and a Marketer Walk Into A Bar...


The neuroscientist is Matt Johnson and the marketer is Prince Ghuman. Matt received his PhD in Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience from Princeton University where his research focused on human learning and behavior.

Prince Ghuman is a career marketer, most recently held the dual roles of U.S. Director of Consumer Marketing and the Global Director of B2B Marketing for OFX, a publicly-traded FinTech company.

Today, both Matt and Prince serve as Professors at Hult International Business School conducting research and teaching a range of courses in Neuromarketing, Behavioral Economics, Communications, Digital Marketing, and Neuroscience.


We Love Collaboration & Coffee

We love collaboration in a wide variety of forms and we're always open to new ways of working with individuals and organizations.

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