Nov 10, 2018 | San Francisco, CA

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Nov 10, 2018 | San Francisco, CA


This 8-hour seminar is ideal for business practitioners who are ready to apply neuroscience to their business roles. All you need is intellectual curiosity and a drive to push you career forward! 

This transformative workshop provides a neuromarketing playbook for business practitioners.

The bootcamp introduces students to specific tools in the neuroscience kit and provides marketing applications for each one. Students will walk away with new-found understanding of the neuroscience behind emotions, decision-making, senses, memory, habits, social psychology, dopamine responses, empathy, trust, and persuasion. More importantly, students will learn how to apply these neuroscientific principles to the business of engagement.

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The bootcamp consists of an extensive 8 hour workshop covering the following:

  • Sensation, Perception, and Consciousness
  • Experiential Marketing via Senses
  • Triggers and Cues
  • Subliminal Messaging, Observability & Priming
  • Perception of Randomness
  • Limbic Structures and Emotion
  • Stress Response and Risk Aversion
  • Dual Process Theory of Decision Making
  • K Value - Marketing to Impulsivity
  • Positive Emotions
  • Psychological Pricing
  • Explicit Memory
  • Associations
  • Dopamine and Reinforcement Learning
  • Psychology of Religion, Brands, Loyalty, and Identity
  • Mirror Neurons
  • Social Neuroscience
  • Empathy, Compassion, and Social Psychology
  • Trust and Persuasion
  • Gamification, and Social Currency
  • Psychological Stickiness & Virality