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The Neuroscience of Consumerism

A Book by Dr. Matt Johnson & Prince Ghuman


Coming Summer 2019

The book will be published through BenBella Publishing, led by our super agent Lisa Gallagher! She has worked with Steven Levitt  (Freakonomics), Neil Gaiman (Coraline), Molly Bloom (Molly’s Game, now a major motion picture directed by Aaron Sorkin, with Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba), among others.



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A neuroscientist and a marketer reveal the surprising reasons why we consume. From content to brands and products, technology has supercharged the human need for consumption. Through original and secondary research, Dr. Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman share the fascinating role neuroscience plays in our evolved consumer lives.



Our Promise

We will reveal how the modern world around us interacts with the biological world within us, connecting the unexpected dots between neuroscience, consumerism, technology and business.

We will share the neuroscientific blueprint of habits, emotions, senses, social interactions, and decision-making and how brands architect experiences to optimize for this blueprint.

We promise to tell the story of the consuming human in a way only a neuroscientist and marketer can, providing a uniquely collaborative read on one of the most central topics in modern society.