There is a reason why watch ads always show 10:10

A neuroscientist and a marketer reveal the surprising reasons why we buy. From content to brands and products, technology has supercharged the human need for consumption. Through original and secondary research, Dr. Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman share the fascinating role neuroscience plays in our evolved consumer lives.


what's the secret ingredient, the magic masala?

The massive intersection of neuroscience/psychology and marketing, owing to the unique blend of the specialized backgrounds between two authors: Matt Johnson, PhD (neuroscientist) and Prince Ghuman (marketing director).  

Books on the modern business world are generally written by an academic or a business professional but rarely both, and to date, there are exactly zero books in the market that paint the picture of the biology of consumer behavior and experiences with both brushes.


our promise

We'll reveal how to use our cognitive blueprint to design an environment that is enthralling and irresistible to our brains. We’ll show how the modern world around us interacts with the biological world within us, connecting the unexpected dots between neuroscience, consumerism, and modern business practices. 

We’ll display the best of both worlds: a niche subject affecting a wide range of human conditions. Habits, emotions, social interactions, and decision-making are equally central to the human experience as they are to business.

We promise to tell the story in a way only a neuroscientist and marketer can, providing a unique, captivating, and satisfying read on one of the most central topics in modern society.