About 15center

Why is the time on all watch ads always 10:10?

Why can't you resist clicking on tasty BuzzFeed articles? 

Why is Game of Thrones so addicting?

Why does Netflix stick with autoplay despite your complaining?

Why can't you physically pull yourself away from scrolling up on Instagram?

The answers rest at the intersection of neuroscience and marketing. Prince Ghuman, Professor of Marketing, and Matt Johnson, Professor of Neuroscience & Psychology, are combining their collective expertise to answer the above questions and much more. Having internalized neuroscientific concepts, we specialize in applying them to branding, product design, and much more. Contact us if you'd like to explore how a finely tuned cocktail of the following concepts can help you better engage. 

  • Neuroanatomy and neuroimaging techniques for A|B Testing (EEG, fMRI, TMS, GSR etc.)
  • Sensation, Perception, and Consciousness
  • Experiential Marketing via Senses 
  • Triggers and Cues
  • Subliminal Messaging, Observability & Priming
  • Perception of Randomness
  • Limbic Structures and Emotion 
  • Stress Response and Risk Aversion
  • Dual Process Theory of Decision Making
  • Intertemporal Discounting, Individual Differences, and K Value
  • Positive Emotions
  • Psychological Pricing
  • Explicit Memory
  • Associations
  • Dopamine and Reinforcement Learning
  • Psychology of Religion, Brands, Loyalty, and Identity
  • Mirror Neurons
  • Social Neuroscience
  • Empathy, Compassion, and Social Psychology
  • Trust and Persuasion
  • Gamification, and Social Currency
  • Psychological Stickiness & Virality